Pajama Day and No School Dates

Tumpane will be having its annual pajama day on the last day before the holidays.  Friday, December 22, 2017 will be pajama day.  Students can dress in their favourite p.j.s and bring a favourite stuffy to school.

School will closed from Saturday, December 23, 2017 until Sunday, January 7, 2018.   Classes will resume on Monday, January 8, 2018.

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Award Winners

Character awards for the month of November were handed out last week at our assembly.  Students received certificates for showing empathy in November.  Congratulations to our winners!


We also watched a great video about empathy during the assembly.  Feel free to enjoy it again!

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Pizza Day

Tomorrow is Pizza Day for anyone who ordered pizza this month.

Dates for Pizza Days in 2018 with follow shortly.

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Healthy Living

Last week our students were starting to discuss healthy living.  Prior knowledge told us students had some ideas about eating healthy, so we took when they knew and started to add to it.   This week we talked about some fruits we liked to eat, finding them in our lunch and snack bins at school.

We read about why they were important for our bodies.    Students also sang songs about fruits and made some still life art of apples.

To celebrate we asked families to participate in our class fruit party.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.  There were so many donations that we will continue to celebrate next week.

This week we also watched an interesting video about Sid the Science Kid, who talked about why we shouldn’t eat cake every day for every meal.  If you want to watch it again just click on the link.

In conjunction with the curriculum we will learn about other ways to stay healthy, through exercise, brushing teeth, sleeping, drinking water, staying safe and eating balanced meals with foods from all of the food groups. We will be examining the Canada food guide for more ideas.  To get your own copy or read more about it you can go to the Government of Canada website.

This year Tumpane is focusing on getting students to eat healthy foods, specifically 5 servings of fruit or vegetables every day  (A serving being the amount that would fit into a person’s hand, with smaller servings for smaller hands, i.e., children).  We also are not forgetting last year’s focus to consume zero sugary drinks and more water.  We encourage you to keep juices at home and include healthy snacks (fruits, veggies, cheese and crackers or yogurt) in students lunches.  For more information about this initiative clink on the City of Toronto link: Into Kids Health.

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Pizza Day

For anyone who ordered pizza, our next pizza day is on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

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Candy Grams

Our Tumpane Parent Council is organizing its next fundraiser.  We will be having our annual Candy Gram sales and exchange this week and next.  Students can purchase  candy grams for their friends in our class or other classes.  Candy Grams are $1.00 each.  Please clearly indicate who your child wishes to purchase these for when sending in your order.


There is no Council Meeting scheduled for the month of December.


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Trip Forms Due

Trip Forms are Due today.

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Creative Pursuits

Come and checkout our new art work.  At our creative centres, we encourage students to experiment with the various materials in the classroom.  Students have been creating fall trees using painters tape, sponges and paint to mix colours and explore positive and negative space on their art.

Some studnets have been using pastels and water colours to create art work of their  choosing.

Other children have been cutting up flyers and using clue to create collages.

All of these endeavors help children explore personal interests, strengthen fine motor skills, follow classroom art expectations/steps and encourage problem solving, when making decisions about materials and their art.

We encourage children to use materials at home as well, especially scissors, crayons and glue to help strengthen their skills.  Sometimes using recycled materials out of the blue bin is a great place to start looking for creative materials.  You can even explore the parks in your neighbourhood to collect nature for making art  projects.

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Save the Date

Be sure to check out the upcoming dates in December on our Save the Date page.

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Sorting it Out

During this term students have been working on sorting during lessons and in their learning centres.  We have been discussing what sorting means and considered some ways we might sort ourselves.   Later students considered different sorting rules and practiced applying them different materials.  Can you guess the rule we are using to sort?

One great material you might have at home are buttons.  Somewhere in the back of a cupboard you might be keeping a stash of old buttons which make great sorting materials.  We used these in class after reading The Button Box by Margarette S. Reid.

Later we looked at how we used sorting in our classroom and the reasons for doing so.   Be sure to look around your own home and find ways you might sort, considering why certain things are kept together.  Math is all around us and it is important for children to see and understand how it applies to real life situations (e.g., we sort things that are cold by putting them in the fridge or we keep all the plates in one spot so they can stack and stay organized).

Later students considered why they sort and how they might sort their friends.  We have been taking surveys in our class, asking questions such as, What colour of play dough would you like?  What party food would you like to make?  and sorting our friends based on their answers.  Later students conducted their own surveys of their friends, asking all kinds of interesting questions such as, Do you like Burger King or McDonalds? What colour do you like? Where do you live?  They had to consider what choices they would have to give their classmates.  Then they recorded their findings using clip boards, pictures and check marks.

After adding up the results, students were asked to consider what they noticed.  We encouraged them to see which choices were most and least popular, the same and what it told us about our friends.

Next we will consider other ways of showing our work, by making graphs.  Encourage your child to survey friends and family at home, to find out what they like to eat, watch on T.V. and perhaps do for fun.

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