Parent Council Meeting

The parent council meeting originally scheduled for this week has been post-phoned.  Updates about the upcoming meeting will appear in the near future.

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BFF Fun Night

Tumpane’s first ever BFF Game Night is just around the corner.  Parent council has organized this great event to help build community and strengthen friendships at our school.  Students and families are encouraged to attend the evening to have fun and play games with their friends and have their families meet their friends.

Children from Kindergarten to Grade 2 are invited to attend on Thursday, March 1, 2018.

Please be sure to use your blue flyer, sent home last week, to RSVP by tomorrow, February 22, to let us know if you are able to attend.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Friday is Red Day

On Friday, February 23, 2018, our class will be having a small celebration at the end of the Lunar New Year.  Students are encouraged to wear something that is lucky and red to school that day.  We look forward to our celebration and will be sure to share all the happenings from this week with you after that day.

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Raz Kids

On Friday, students took home an information sheet about Raz Kids.  This is an on-line reading program that families can do at home.  Once children log in, they can listen to and read books, followed by completing activities to assess understanding.  To access your child’s account, go to “Kids Login” when you click on the link for Raz Kids.  Students have been practicing logging on, by selecting the teacher’s name, then their own and finally their password.  They have been using Raz Kids with their reading buddies the last few weeks.  Parents can monitor how your child is progressing by filling out the bottom portion of the letter with your email address or sending an email to the teacher for access and approval.

Other on-line reading has been done in our Media Studies class, using TDSBs Virtual Library.  Just click on the link and go any number of great sites with books and videos for students.  If you do not have a Vitural Library Learnmark with all of the entry codes please contact the classroom teacher.  The Virtual Library will help you find books to listen to with your children.

The Toronto Public Library also offers families a chance to hear and read books on-line through the KidsSpace portion of the site.  If you get a library card from the public library, you can use it to log in to other programs on the system, as well as take books out at your local branch.  Our closest locations include Black Creek in the basement of Sheridan Mall and Downsview Public Library.  The library offers great programs and resources for adults as well as students.

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Save The Date

Be sure to check out the Save the Date  page for the upcoming dates of importance in February.

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Kindergarten Registration

Families with children born in 2014, who will be starting Junior Kindergarten in September, can register next month. The dates for registration are February 14 & 15, between 9:30 am and 11:30 am.  More information is provided on the flyer below.  If you are unable to come for either of those two dates, please phone the office and make an appointment for another date and time.




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Our Character Winners

Congratulations to our character award winners who received awards for December and January demonstrating Kindness and Caring, and Teamwork respectively.  We look to these friends to guide us  and support our character development.

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Field Trip Day

Before the winter break our class went to the Ontario Science Centre.

We had a wonderful day, exploring, experimenting and enjoying ourselves.  First we walked the new hallway with the exhibits of Canadian inventions.

Next we saw a display of the space shuttle with pictures of Chris Hadfield, his uniforms and pictures of him in space.  He is the author of The Darkest Dark, that we read during Hallowe’en.  Then Students got to investigate in KidSpark, had lunch and did a workshop called Science Investigators.

We met Scientist Sarah who introduced us to Sammy the Raccoon.  We had to help Sammy get back to the Science Centre, after falling asleep in a garbage truck that took him far from his home.

Students had to explore different ways of moving, using ramps, wind and heat energy and and exploring natural and man-made items found in the woods.

We also got to touch a screaming cockroach!  Thanks to all the parents who came on the trip.

Someone asked me for the Spicy Pumpkin Seed Recipe I shared that day, so it is listed below.

Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds


2 cups shelled pumpkin seeds                                         500 g

2 tbsp olive oil                                                                       30 mg

2 tbsp maple syrup                                                               30 mg

1 tsp salt                                                                                  5 mg

1/2 tsp chipotle powder (or more for more spice!)        2 mg

1 tsp cumin                                                                             5 mg

Heat oven to 350 Mix olive oil and pumpkin seeds.  Mix maple syrup and pumpkin seeds.  Whisk together spices then stir into seeds.  Spread a piece of parchment paper on a rimmed cooked sheet.  Spread seeds evenly over cookie sheet on parchment paper.

If you wish to find out more about the Ontario Science Centre then click on their link.  Free passes can sometimes be acquired to go from the Toronto Public Library.

So sorry this post is late.  We are looking to organize our next field trip very soon so stay tuned!


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Into Kids Health Newsletter

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January 2018

A Healthy Start to 2018!

Happy New Year! As we begin this year, you and your family may be taking steps to be healthier in 2018.

In this issue, learn about:

  • Staying healthy during the flu season
  • Easy healthy breakfast ideas

Staying Healthy This Flu Season

Did you know January and February are usually the peak months for flu infections? Kids get the flu most often and they can pass the virus before they show symptoms. Flu germs are spread mainly by droplets, when people cough, sneeze or talk and can live on surfaces like toys, countertops and door handles for up to 8 hours.
Children under five years old are at greater risk of complications from the flu so it’s important to prevent them from getting it.

Here are six steps to preventing the flu and staying healthy this winter season:
1. Get your flu shot early
2. Wash your hands often
3. Avoid touching your eyes and face
4. Cover your cough or sneeze

5. Do not share drinking cups and utensils
6. Clean and disinfect common surface areas like door handles, cell phones, keyboards, etc.

Families can still get the flu shot at their family doctor, walk-in clinic or pharmacy. It takes two weeks for the body to build immunity. Note: pharmacists can only give the flu vaccine to adults and children five years old and older.

Visit The Flu for more information on self-care and how to protect yourself.

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Children

Did you know that our bodies need energy and nutrients after fasting all night? Having breakfast will help your children concentrate and do better in school. Plan your breakfast the night before and enjoy the benefits of a healthy breakfast together as a family!

What is a Healthy Breakfast?
A balanced meal that includes foods from at least three of the four food groups in Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide.

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

  • Hot or cold whole grain cereal with plain milk and fresh or dried fruit
  • Whole grain toast topped with sliced avocado and a hard-boiled egg
  • Leftovers from last night’s dinner
  • Whole grain bread, nut or seed butter, and a banana

Make Ahead and Freeze Breakfast Ideas
Reheat these foods on busy mornings!

  • Bean or egg burritos
  • Homemade pancakes or waffles served with milk and fruit
  • Individual egg muffins
  • Whole grain French toast served with yogurt and fruit

Grab and Go Breakfast Ideas

  • Whole grain bagel with hummus or cheese and a fruit such as a plum or clementine
  • Yogurt tube, fruit such as an apple, and nut-free trail mix
  • Hard-boiled eggs (good for one week in your fridge), grapes, and plain soy milk
  • Cheese string, whole grain crackers, and carrot sticks
  • Yogurt layered with berries, banana slices, and whole grain granola or cereal
  • Smoothie: plain milk, frozen or fresh fruit or vegetables, and oats

Did You Know?

The cold and the flu are not the same. Learn the difference between them.

Community Corner

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)
Free admission on Wednesday nights from 6-9 pm to Permanent Collections.

Free City passes
Sign out passes at the Toronto Public Library for FREE admission to Toronto attractions such as the Ontario Science Centre, the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and much more!

SKATING IN THE CITY! So many great free options for family fun. Check out a few of our favorites:

The Bentway Skating Trail
Toronto’s newest skating destination under the Gardiner. The inaugural Winter Season at The Bentway will run from January 6 – mid-March, 2018 (weather permitting). Ongoing winter programming will include free Monday night skate rentals, Friday night skate parties with a rotating cast of DJs, skate instruction, DJ and Ice Breaking Workshops. Skate rentals available.

Natrel® Rink at Harbourfront
Set against the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario, the city’s most scenic rink awaits! It has a heated indoor change room with lockers and washrooms. Best of all – skating is FREE! Hot food and drinks are available at the rink-side restaurant, Boxcar Social.

Toronto’s Natural Ice Rinks
These community-run rinks offer a great back-to-nature skating experience for families and individuals. Many communities, volunteers come together to create natural ice rinks on parkland. For safety, all skaters are encouraged to wear a helmet for their personal safety.

Rouge Park Guided Walks in January & February
Join a guided walk through Rouge Park in January and February. Themes and leaders vary throughout these months.

Toronto Gardens & Conservatories
Explore Toronto’s gardens and conservatories with thousands of plants, flowers, shrubs and decorative trees.

For more FREE family-friendly activities, see

Just for Kids

Involve your kids in planning a breakfast menu for the week.

Prepare breakfast the night before to save time in the morning! Get your kids involved with this breakfast cups recipe. This is also a great option for a grab and go breakfast!

Toronto Public Health eChat

Toronto Public Health offers free, confidential and anonymous online counselling for Toronto residents. Learn more about our eChat service.
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Exploring With Play dough

One of our sensory exploration centres in the Kindergarten is the play dough table.  At this activity, children discover the wonders of this soft textured material, squeezing, molding, shaping and sculpting it.


Play dough has may learning benefits for students.  It helps develop fine motor strength in their hands as children grasp it and work it, along with the many tools available to them.  This translates to stronger hand strength that can be applied when writing, dressing and using other creative materials.

Play dough offers students an opportunity to develop their oral language skills, sharing ideas about their creations with peers and teachers “I am making cupcakes… Today I am making cookies.”


Students are also applying dramatic skills as they interact with play dough, imagining they are working in a kitchen, a bakery or pizza parlor.

Some students may take the learning beyond the play dough centre, writing signs, costs and menus to support their dramatic play.  Some students use personal interests or materials introduced in the class to inspire their work.


Students can explore math concepts through play dough, discussing costs of what they are selling, comparing sizes, shapes, textures and quantities of materials made.

Working at and tidying various learning centres enables children to feel they have a role and responsibility to play within the classroom, teaching them to manage and care for materials as well as develop self-direction.

Play dough is easy to make at home.  Two recipes are available on our website on the page Classroom Recipes.  One is made with Koolaid and the other is not.  Alternative recipes are available on the internet.  Play dough, if covered and refrigerated when unused can last for some time.

We have made play dough together in our classroom, using as an opportunity to explore language when writing out the recipe, math when comparing measuring tools and science as we watch the states of matter change through mixing and cooking.   Later,  the cooking of play dough was re-enacted in various drama centres in the classroom.  If you wish to make some at home be sure to check out our class recipe page.


Several students interacted with peers, devising surveys in which they asked their peers what colour of play dough they would prefer, tallying the results and sharing their results with the class.  These activities developed questioning skills, social interaction, strengthen counting and understanding of class interests.  Later some children even turned their survey results into simple graphs.


The benefits of play in the learning environment can not be discounted.  Play is the work of children, where they explore, ask questions, share ideas and role play in a safe and stimulating environment.  Where one might see a child at play dough we as teachers see chefs, bakery owners, sculptors and employees developing essential skills and creative inspiration as they work towards their future.

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