Field Trip Reminder

On Friday, we have our trip to Black Creek Community Farm. It will be very cold that day so please dress you child warmly and pack your lunch.  Here is the letter we read together to remind us what to bring.


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Into Kids Health

Tumpane is in its second year of our school-wide Into Kids Health initiative. After alarming increases in gingivitis levels among our students a few years ago, public health got our school involved in this program.

The initiative can be summarized by 10-5-2-1-0.

imageLast year our school focus was on having zero sugary drinks by choosing milk or water. Students received water bottles to help with this challenge.


This year we are promoting eating 5 fruits and vegetables each day. We are hoping to do this through teacher training, student nutrition focused learning and hopefully some in class cooking.

For more information you can go to the Toronto Public Health website. Parents can sign up for monthly newsletters with information on health topics.

Our public health nurse has also given out some additional information on healthy dental work.

image         image

Please help support our school initiative and your own child’s well-being.  Starting small by eliminating sugary drinks and sending a water bottle is a great first step.  The chart below has some picture images that show how much sugar is in drinks that people consume.  Our school goal is to choose drinks with 0 grams of sugar, to protect our oral health and physical well-being.

Image result for sugar levels in   drinks chart


Later consider some tasty natural snacks: fruits, vegetables, yogurt, to support your child’s nutrition and mental well-being at school.  Since we are already receiving two healthy snacks at school one or two small snacks and a good lunch will help sustain them during the day.

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Field Trip Day

Last month our class went on its first field trip to the Markham Fair.  Students got to see and try a number of activities such as seed planting, cow milking, and sheep sheering, even though the weather did not cooperate with us.







We saw a variety of farm animals from cows to chickens, many of them prize winning.













Students also got to see horse and dog shows, such as the Super Dogs.


There were entertainers and competitions to see, such as items made for judging like foods and grown plants as well as contests in the exhibitor building, by children and adults alike.

Thanks to all of the parents and guardians who came along and helped on that day.  We are planning our next trips and will let you know when they will be happening.







Our next field trip is to Black Creek Farm on Friday!

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More Celebrating in Kindergarten

Students have been learning about more celebrations in our Kindergarten.

This last week we discussed Hallowe’en and Day of the Dead.  Some children who celebrate Hallowe’en dressed up and talked about what they knew about Hallowe’en.

Our class also discussed some safety rules they should remember when going out into the community, whether on Hallowe’en night or at any time.  We read some Hallowe’en stories and non-fiction books about this very old celebration and made some spooky art.

Some of our students  did some sponge printing and turned their painted pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.

During our discussions about Hallowe’en night, some of the children talked about their fears of the dark so we read an excellent story called, The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield.  It is available at the library and an excellent book to revisit.   Some of the other books we enjoyed are listed below.

Some of the other books we enjoyed are listed below.

Later in the week we discussed Day of the Dead, a South American and Mexican celebration.  We watched some information videos and made some wonderful masks then went on our own parade.


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Save the Date

Please check our Save the Date page for upcoming events in November.

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Interview Forms

Please sign and return forms for interviews.  They will take place on Thursday, November 16, 2017 from 4 pm until 7:30 p.m or Friday, November 17, 2017 from 9 am until 12 pm.  If these times are not suitable, then please speak to the teacher to make alternative arrangements.

There will be no classes on Friday, November 18, 2017.  


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Pumpkin Parade

Ever wonder what to do with your old pumpkin after Hallowe’en?  Well, our community is having a pumpkin parade on November 1, 2017 in Roding Park. This event is being organized and hosted by our councilor Maria Augimeri.  After the parade the city will dispose of your old pumpkin for you.  See the below flyer for more information.


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Field Trip Forms

Our next class field trip has been scheduled for Friday, November 10, 2017.  We are going to Black Creek community farm.  Please sign and return the orange portion of the trip form along with $3.00.


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Move-a-thon and Hallowe’en

On Tuesday, October 31, students will be allowed to wear costumes to school.  We will be making some treats together for our class, so please keep any additional treats at home.

Our parent council will be running a move-a-thon in the gym, so students can dance and enjoy music with their friends.  The goal of the move-a-thon is to raise funds, that will directly benefit our school, being used for classroom resources, field trips and activities.  Please add your donations from family and friends to the envelope being sent home and return it on or before October 31, 2017.


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My Role in the Community

Our Kindergarten team at Tumpane is working together to develop a team-wide inquiry project that will be both teacher and student driven.  It will consider what role our students will play in our community.  Some areas our questions will explore include looking at their self-identity, their role as responsible citizens and community members, and their ability to be stewards of the environment.  We look forward to sharing our activities, literature, and outcomes with our families.

Even as school began, students were considering their own identity by drawing pictures of their families, themselves and working at learning their names.  They shared some of their creations and thinking with their peers and thus worked to develop a sense of self-confidence, identity and self-respect.


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