Home Practice

Students take a Home Practice book home most Fridays.  This program usually begins some time in October and is strictly optional for children.  Families may work at these activities on the weekend or during the following week.  We ask that the books get returned each Wednesday in the take home bag so that new material can be added each week.  Books contain songs, poems, chants and activities which relate directly to material taught in class the previous week.  Weekly review of previous materials or work on new activities should be for short blocks of time (5-10 minutes).  Consistent, frequent learning blocks is best for children at this age.

Other suggestions for home activities include reading and discussing stories.  Choosing some non-fiction materials that interest your child are another great literacy choice.  Other activities that involve cooking, writing, arts and crafts, water play, exploring sensory materials and discussions will develop your child’s understanding of the world and strengthen their oral language skills.  Going for walks to explore the neighbourhood, observe nature will stimulate their minds and give they opportunity to share experiences with peers.


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