Storytelling in Room 102

Students have been learning about the parts of a narrative, looking at stories with different characters, plots, story language, messages, problems and solutions.  They have been  comparing many different versions of familiar tales and then using the various authors’ ideas to inspire their own storytelling ideas.

First children created character boards, for Little Red Riding Hood, with some students sharing their versions of the tale with the class.


Later, children had a chance to create story boxes, that they painted and decorated with various textural elements to tell the tale of the three little pigs in small story telling groups.

Later, these story boxes were shared with our classmates and reading buddies from grade 3.

Next children designed cross-sections of the 3 bears houses, to retell this tale.

Story telling gives students an opportunity to develop oral language skills, using their voice in various ways to express emotions and events.  They must remember the sequence of events in a story and be able to link the tale together so that it makes sense.

Children use new vocabulary to enhance their stories and make personal choices about characters, plot twists and endings.  Adding an artistic element to the story telling experience requires children to problem solve, as they create their work and explain their reasoning for making artistic decisions.

Reading familiar and favourite tale over again helps children learn the sequence of stories, develop character voices and gives them an opportunity to make creative and dramatic performances that they can then share with others with growing confidence.  We encourage you to give students an opportunity to continue such activities at home, with felt, picture or puppet materials.

If you are looking for some ideas of stories to read with your child, you can always ask your friendly library at the Toronto Public Library.  They are always willing to make suggestions.  You can also go on-line and reserve books with your library card and have them sent to your local branch.

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