Celebrating in Room 102

Last week we celebrated Valentine’s Day together, discussing how to treat each other with kindness and caring by sharing our toys, using our words to solve problems and working together as a team.  One book we read that helped us make connections to our own team work during learning and tidy-up time was, In the Woods by Inga Moore.  You can share it together again at home.


Our friends look splendid in their Valentine’s colours.

Our friends have been discussing the party food they wished to make together, so we conducted some classroom surveys, asking which foods we wanted to eat, with cake being the overwhelming choice.  Later we had more questions that needed answering, such as cake or cupcakes, what flavour and what colour icing would you like?  Each time we analyzed our findings, discussing what we noticed.

Here we are enjoying our class made party food.  Sorry, but this recipe was fast and unoriginal as we followed the steps on the back of the cake box.


Other students conducted surveys on topics of their choosing, ranging from story characters they liked, the next colour for the play dough table and whether you like apples or not.  Surveys are great ways to get children talking, asking questions and to help them learn about each other.  They got to write/draw their questions and choices, record their findings and make observations when they were finished.


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