Halloween Fun

Students had a wonderful time in the days leading up to Halloween, engaging in various creative, literacy, musical and science activities. Our class read some great stories, the first about  not judging people by their size, as well as teamwork, called Big Pumpkin, which we later applied to our pumpkin carving activity.  It is one of Ms. Cardarelli’s favourite.

While carving the pumpkin, we acted like scientists and used our senses, examining the contents using our hands, eyes and noses.  Later we hope to turn our seeds into  a tasty treat.  We’ll keep you informed about how it turns out.


We also learned some new songs, played Halloween mathematics games and made jack-0-lantern art. Another story our class read was called, Pumpkin Trouble involved a problem.  We used the cover and “sneak peek” on the back to predict what the trouble would be and later checked back to see if our guesses were right.

Our class also read, The Littlest Pumpkin, discussing how the main characters feelings changed throughout the story.

While making our own personal jack-o-lanterns, we applied some of our colour mixing knowledge, gleaned when making play dough, to make orange from two primary colours, red and yellow, creating our own versions of orange and later our individual pumpkin shapes.

Finally, we  finished off our work with different facial details. Spooky!

jack-1a jack-4a-1  jack-2a

We celebrated Halloween on Monday with a small party in class.  Here we are sporting some of our costumes. Who is that big pink bird?

Please remember to keep any treats acquired on Halloween night at home, so that they can be eaten there, where children can then brush their teeth.  Our next Healthy Living Study is in fact about oral hygiene. We hope to create tooth brushing and flossing experts!

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