Old MacDonald Had a Farm

This last month, students have been learning about living and non-living things in Science, as they discover what happens on a Farm.  Children were interested in various farm animals so we discussed what we already knew then read some non-fiction texts to answer our “I wonder…” statements, such as “I wonder if there were wild horses… I wonder what chickens eat… I wonder colours cows can be…”

Some students wrote independent books about animals and the farm.


As a class, we examined many non-living items that a farmer might use on his farm, such as machinery, if he or she has plants as well as animals.  One of our favourite stories, was Old MacDonald has a Truck, which you can get from the Toronto Public Library.   Others included, Meow Said the Cow, My Life As A Chicken, Why the Chickens Crossed the Road, Pig’s Egg, The Cow That Laid an Egg, and Henny Penny.  

Later the children expressed some of their impressions of farms through painting, cutting and pasting, sculpture and drawings.  Here are some of our students creating their own farm scenes, exploring line, by creating a horizon line using two colours of paper, texture and space.

Some problems-solving activities we pursued during our studies included building homes for animals to keep them safe outside of the barn.

Finally, as a class we have been working on one large group project, creating a class mural of a farm.  Students used recycled materials to create a barn and animals.

They finger-painted to create  a textured background, ponds, mud puddles and trees.

Finally, students created individual drawings of tractors, animals, orchards, gardens and farmers to add to the project.

This team task had taken time and showed how students can work together cooperatively to create an art installation.  We how you will come in one day to see our finished project.


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