Earth Day

During May, students discussed why Earth day was important and how they could make a difference in their own environment.  We read a great book to get us started, 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World.  Students discussed how they could apply many of these ideas in their own class and at home as well.  Students made signs to remind ourselves and family members to Turn Off the Lights.


They used recycled materials to create art projects in class, reducing the amount of waste with our supplies.

On Earth Day itself we had a visit from our community gardener who brought us all kinds of interesting critters from his compost heap and we talked about why composting is an important way to recycled food right back into the earth.

Later, we listed what we would put into our class and school compost bin.  Children also talked about what materials they could put into their school and home blue bins.

On Earth day students also added their “hands” to the school collage, sharing their Earth day messages, such as, Save Water, Turn off the Lights, Help Animals, Turn off the TV.  

This week we helped the Earth by planting some living things for special people in our family.  Look for them to bloom later next month.

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