International Pink Shirt Day and Anti Bullying

Today was International Pink Shirt Day, to remind everyone that we want to erase bullying from our lives.  At school, we talked about what bullying means, what we can do instead, and how to solve our problems with people. Students learned that they must always tell if they are being bullies.  Our friends wore their pink and red today and we came up with some Pink Day messages. Here they are:


Friends wrote these secret messages on the pink hearts Mrs. Akthar and one of our classmates made yesterday. Be sure to ask us what message we chose. Continuing to talk about bullying is important, so children learn to recognize it, speak up and deal with these situations.

Thank you for showing your support!

Later this year junior school students will be attending an in-school assembly about anti-bullying. The presenter is Duane Gibson and his Stay Driven presentation shares with students his own experiences with school and his message about anti bullying. You can check him out on his website, Stay Driven.  That same evening all parents will be welcome to attend an evening presentation by Duane.  The assembly and parent night will take place on Wednesday May 4, 2016.  Stay tuned to find out more details about this exciting event.

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