Shapes All Around Us

Last term, students were exploring, two and three-dimensional geometric shapes, using various classroom materials.  In small groups, children examined and discussed their understanding of shape properties.  They then shared their knowledge with the whole class.  Later students went off to scavenger hunt for shapes in our classroom and used a digital camera to document their findings.

At the writing table, children published their own information and riddle books about shapes.  Students also made shapes using various materials, such as sticks, geoboards and wool.  They used various cognitive materials and played different shape games, such as Bingo, matching cards and puzzles to review and consolidate their understanding of shapes and objects.  We also read poems, sang songs and read various books about shapes, such as The Greedy Triangle and The Shape Family.

At the science table, children explored and compared whether 3-dimensional shapes stacked, slid or rolled.  Later they used this knowledge to build more stable structures.

Later, children used shapes to when making works of art at the creative table.  They fashioned animals using 2-dimensional shapes.  Other students used challenge cards, to build chairs, bridges, towers and walls out of the recycled boxes and containers we were no longer using at the dramatic centre grocery store.  Some children made 3-dimensional cakes as well.

Students can continue to review these concepts, by scavenger hunting for shapes in their homes or while they are out in the community.  They can use found materials to create shapes and build structures using recycled materials from the blue box.

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