Working on Valentine’s Day Surprises

Some of our friends in Kindergarten worked on making Valentine’s Day cards for loved ones at the writing table this week.  This began by using textured boards, which students rubbed with pastels.  Then they used food colouring to wash over the paper, discovering how the water resists the oil in the pastels.  Later, students turned these into the outsides of their cards.  Finally, children wrote happy wishes to loved ones, using classroom resources to support their work.

IMG_1523[1]  IMG_1520[1]  IMG_1534[1]  IMG_1528[1]  IMG_1535[1]

Students also decorated loot bags, at the creative table, to take all their friends’ cards home.  They planned and laid out their designs, using various materials.

Our Valentine’s Day pizza party was a great success.  Children voted on the treats they wanted to make, counting and comparing the number of votes for between the three choices.  Later we composed a recipe for the Pizza, following a procedure writing format, with a goal, ingredients of their choosing and the steps they would need to follow.  On Thursday, students made and ate their own personal pizzas.  Thank you to T.N.’s mom for sending in the tasty jiggly hearts.  Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day, full of love!

IMG_1545[1]  IMG_1548[1]IMG_1549[1]   IMG_1551[1]

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