Reindeer Here, Reindeer There, Reindeer, Reindeer Everywhere!

This month we began learning about 2-dimension shapes in mathematics.  Students have been examining and exploring different shapes with their peers and sharing their observations with the class.   Later, we used different shapes to help us draw some reindeer pictures.  Using a few ovals, circles, triangles and rectangles as well as straight and wiggly lines students were able to create their own reindeer images.  Breaking down pictures into shapes, and modelling the process makes drawing far less overwhelming for students.  When they can see the shapes in pictures it enables them to recreate their own versions.  These are awesome!
























Students began with oil pastels, then used water colour washes to create the backgrounds.  They again were able to observe how water in the paint resisted the oil in the pastels.







Some of these reindeer are VERY colourful!

IMG_1387[1] IMG_1388[1] IMG_1389[1]

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