Fall Celebrations

During the Fall season, students have been learning about celebrations that take place.  We have been doing this through stories, non-fiction reading, song, poetry, dance and other creative activities.  Our class has read various books about Fall celebrations and created works of art based on our readings and knowledge of the season.







During Halloween, students created mixed media, haunted houses using water-coloured paints for the backgrounds as well as construction paper, crayons and foam pieces.  We looked at books to get ideas for our backgrounds and house parts, such as Five Spooky Ghosts, Twas the Night Before Halloween and In the Haunted House.  These works of art were very spooky indeed!










We also designed jack-o-lantern faces, using various body parts to make happy, silly, angry or surprised faces.  We read Pumpkin Heads to get some ideas for our faces.  Some friends used the felt board to make plans for their jack-o-lantern faces.  A few of these ideas were used by the jack-o-lantern carving team.














Our Fall printing pictures were based on our song/poem, The Leaves Are Falling Down and our readings about Why Do Leaves Change Colours?  Here we created tree trunks and branches using pastels and printed using corks and fall paint colours.








This month, students have been creating poppies using newsprint, markers and food colouring to celebrate Remembrance Day.  Later we used various kinds of lines and pictures to create designs for our hands.  When learning about Diwali, which began last week, we learned that people sometimes decorate their hands with different IMG_1173[1]Henna designs.





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