Going to the Beach

Last month our classroom transformed into a warm and welcoming place, as we imagined we were at the beach.  Students have been learning about living creatures beneath the sea and visiting the beach through discussions, shared reading, observations of pictures, drama, visual arts, music, media literacy and by hearing non-fiction texts.  This student generated study began with discussions and questions about sharks and let to further student learning in this area.














Students has opportunities to enrich their vocabulary at our drama centre, as they went to the “beach” and roll played what would happen on their trip and discussed what they would need to bring with them.   We even had a class “Beach Day” with picnics, stories, dancing and songs to make the day fun.


Students explored the beach at the sand table and the sea at the water table.  They sorted, observed and examined sea shells at the discovery table.  Some children even played some under the sea games.






Students had opportunities to express their learning through creative projects; painting, using pastel, creating sculptures and dioramas.  Here are some of the students projects.


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