Making Pancakes in Room 102

This month we continued discussing some of the many celebrations that are happening during the month of February.  A belated Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Family Day to everyone who celebrated these events.

In February, we also discussed some of the other celebrations happening around the world, such as Mardi Gras and Carnaval.  We made pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday IMG_20150217_144558in our room.  Students helped write out the recipe, prepared the ingredients and enjoyed eating the fruits of their labours.  Many children enjoyed the pancakes and syrup so much, that they wanted to share it with their families at home.  I have added the “Fluffy Pancake” recipe to the Recipes in Room 102 page.

Cooking offers an excellent opportunities for children to learn new language, explore properties of materials (solids, liquids) and see how they change (melting, spreading, changing colour).   Safety lessons can also be had from working in the kitchen with different tools and ingredients.  Most importantly, it is a great way spend time with your child.  Having them participate in the meal preparation often makes them more receptive to new foods if they have a hand in some of the preparation.

We hope you enjoy these pancakes at home as well.

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