Where is the math?

Our school, like the TDSB,  has taken an active approach to enhancing student understanding of and achievement in mathematics.  If you have come into Tumpane you may have noticed signs posted all around, in English and French which ask the question: Where is the math?  We have been exploring math all around us in Kindergarten; in our room, the natural world as well as through literature and using media resources.






This term we have been focusing on Geometry, specifically 2-dimenstional shapes.  Our big thinking question has been, “What is a shape?”  When we were initially asking this question of students we found their responses limited to telling us lists of known shapes.   Since that time, we have explored the properties of shapes (sides, corners, surface), looked for shapes in the world around us, made art with shapes and used ourselves and materials to make shapes.   We have even used shapes to create different artistic compositions.

IMG_0391 IMG_0393 IMG_0392










During our media literacy class, Mrs. Giannetta has also been encouraging the children to use shapes to create media projects.  Here are some of our students at work, using geometric materials, working with shapes, creating art with shapes, and making shapes with their bodies or resources.

IMG_0383 IMG_0376  IMG_0377

















Making connections to learning at home might include scavenger hunting for shapes at home and having students explain their observations.  Children can use shapes to create pictures on the following website:  Nick Jr. You can encourage them to do this when they select the create option at the top of the screen.


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