Resist Art and Story Writing

Last week students created winter silhouettes, that reflected our wintry, but not so snowy outdoor environments.  They discussed things they would see in their community, talked about what trees in winter would look like and talked about what would appear in the sky in the evening.  We looked out our windows, as it was too cold to observe the neighbourhood directly, while it was so cold, to get some ideas.  We also looked at some different books and artists’ work to observe some different nighttime silhouettes.

Our art was created using waxy crayons.  First students created their pictures, then they discussed and explored a resist art technique, using water colour paints to create backgrounds for the nighttime silhouettes.  You can try this at home, by painting with water paints, over crayons or  pastels.  Using white crayons or pastels is a challenge when drawing pictures, but is marvelous when attempting resist.

Later, some of our students created stories using their pictures for inspiration.  We were working on book elements, so they had to come up with a title for their stories. Some of these sound very exciting, such as Wind, Batgirl and Joker,

Here are some of our Kindergarten friends’ work:IMG_0286[1]

IMG_0281[1] IMG_0282[1] IMG_0284[1] IMG_0296[1]

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