How to be Successful in Kindergarten, Part 2

Young children often start school, with a great deal of excitement.  They are willing to learn and full of energy.  To ensure that the same level of energy is maintained throughout the school day, children need to be fueled up with healthy foods.

Tumpane Public School helps students to do this School 057through their meal program.  In the last two years, the program has expanded from a single snack provided each day to 3 snacks for each student every day.  The program is organized by Ms. Lee and her team of volunteers.  It includes foods from 3 of the main food groups each day.  Students receive a dairy, grain and fruit/vegetable snack each day to provide them with some of the energy they need to fuel their bodies and minds.  We continue to ask parents to support the snack program with your bi-monthly contributions, that are necessary for the current nutrition program to carry on.  Insufficient funds could mean the reduction of nutrition program’s number and quality of foods.

Parents can continue to support this positive fueling up of the mind and body by sending a healthy lunch with their children, with some protein in it (e.g., meats, fish, eggs, cheese, tofu) as well as a healthy snack (fruits, vegetables, crackers, yogurt).  For more information about healthy eating, feel free to pick up some brochures from our community information table, outside the gym, or click on the following links:

Heart and Stroke Foundation, Healthy Eating Guide

Caring for Kids: Healthy Eating

Talking with your child about healthy eating while sharing a meal together is an important way to ensure positive ideas about food and eating.  Giving small children time to eat, is important for digestion.  Positive notions of food and eating are thought to start at home with family discussions and opportunities to eat together.  Having students involved in the healthy food selection and preparation, encourages their enjoyment in meals.  Throughout the school year our Kindergarten class will undertake various cooking activities to get students excited about food and provide opportunities for exploring mathematics, science and health components of the curriculum.  Kindergarten Curriculum

IMG_0484Small children often eat small portions at one time, so having healthy snacks available will give them an opportunity to fuel up.   We try to offer various times throughout the day for children to eat, to ensure they are prepared for learning.  At school, we have lunch together in a social setting.  Then snack is available to students a snack table during the different  activity times, when students can come and share treats with friends at a time of their own choosing.  This change this year is an attempt to supporting individual eating times, to develop self-regulation skills and independent choices.  Students follow snack table expectations, reminding others who may have forgotten them.  They begin to write and read snack table signs and pictures, as well as manage food and clean-up on their own.

Last month we began discussing the  importance of healthy eating, as part of our Healthy Living curriculum and learning about how healthy foods are good for all the parts of our body.  This has been done through discussions, songs,  by reading non-fiction materials, writing about various food groups and exploring healthy foods at our various learning centres.  Here are some pictures of our friends creating healthy fruit and vegetable bowls and writing about what healthy foods they like to eat.










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