Happy Mother’s Day

These last two weeks, students have been working on a number of creative projects for their moms, to celebrate and honour them for the many things they do.  We hope you enjoy all of these items and have a fantastic Mother’s Day. 

Inside your gift back, is a little brown potted cup.  Unfortuantely, this little plant still needs some love and nurturing.  We planted Morning Glory seeds, but they just wouldn’t peak out in time for us to see them.  The brown pot can be placed directly into a pot, or the ground when you transfer it.  If you make a hole in the bottom, the roots will be able to work their way through.

Care and instructions for the Morning Glories are as follows:

Water the morning glory once a week in the absence of rain. Water the plant twice a week during hot and dry summer months. Avoid overwatering them, and ensure that the soil is well-drained.  Morning glories come in different colours.  They are bell shaped flowers that bloom each morning.  Once they have started growing, they will spread in your garden, or up a stick or trellis.  In the fall, seed can be harvested from the flowers to plant again next year.  Enjoy!

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