A Great Day of Learning

IMG_4400[1]This month, we took a trip to the Ontario Science Centre, to see some of the student exhibits and participate in a workshop with one of IMG_4402[1]the site instructors.  First we explored the new Sesame Street exhibit, which had all kinds of hands-on stations, that taught us about the human body.  Students could learn about digestion, their skeleton, germs, muscles, their organs, healthy IMG_4413[1]movement, healthy foods, healthy practices and many other things too.  All areas were student friendly and very IMG_4417[1]engaging.

Later, we had lunch then went to a work shop entitled, Adventures in Science.  There we helped Sammy the raccoon get back to the Science Centre using eco-friendly methods of transportation.  Each time we learned about a new method, students investigated at stations using learning materials provided by the instructor.

IMG_4431[1]Finally we got to explore Kid Spark, another excellent hands-on area, where IMG_4429[1]students could make smoke rings, raised air balloons, learn about the body and it’s skeletal parts, see various living creatures, play instruments and explore the many water stations.

IMG_4438[1]It was an excellent day overall, and all the students told me they had a great time.  Thank you to all the parent volunteers who came out and supervised students.  Apologies for the delayed return to school and thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding.

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