Enjoying the First Flurries

Wednesday was a glorious day, School 272as we took to the field in our winter wear and enjoyed the first signs of a new season.  Students got to run, jump, roll and explore in the snow.  Luckily our classroom is well stocked with extra winter clothing, so everyone got to have fun.

School 286Even though the snow has fallen we will continue to be outside everyday, enjoying the fresh air, exercising in the great out-of-doors and exploring the changes we see in the world around us.  Getting outside is a great place to explore learning in a new environment.

This week we explored math concepts like School 280measurement and shape as we examined and compared snowball sizes and our boot impressions.  We also counted and compared the number of snowballs we collected.

Thursday we applied some of our previously discussed concepts like melting and evaporation learned during cooking, as we examined School 290balls of snow and ice.  We also conducted an experiment outside to try to make snowballs by mixing water and snow.

Some children even drew pictures using “magic” pencils they found in the school yard.

Luckily Miss Cardarelli has many extra snow pants, scarves and mittens on hand for snowy days, so that all children can participate in outdoor learning.

So that your child can comfortably enjoy School 279the winter weather, please ensure they come to school with the following items, everyday:

snow pants and warm jackets, hats, scarves, extra socks, warm boots, waterproof mittens (perhaps two pair).

School 282To ensure that all of your clothing gets home safely, please put your child’s name inside all of their clothing with a permanent marker.  We have already done this with a few of the children’s items at school.  If there is anyone in need of snow pants, please let us know as we have extras at school and we can share these with any families who need them right now.

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