Walking in the Woods


Yesterday our IMG_3773[1]class went on a community walk through Heathrow park, looking for more signs of fall and collecting leaves and bits of nature to take back to our class and examine.  We saw many interesting sights and signs of the season.   

IMG_3838[1]IMG_3837[1]Some leaves that we collected on our fall walk were used to create interesting pictures at our creative table.  

Other materials found their way onto our Science and Discovery centre.  IMG_3822[1]

We also began creating our own fall leaves by rolling paint over paper using marbles.  There are many great projects you can do at home with leaves. 

Ironing IMG_3839[1]leaves with waxed paper is a great way to preserve them and keep them for a longer period of time.  You can check out our recipe page for how to wax leaves at home.

There are a number of great websites with fall leaf craft ideas that you can do with your leaves at home.  Here are a couple to check out.



Today we started writing about the things we saw on our walk in our journal.  First we brainstormed a list of ideas then we used it to help our writing.  Be sure to think of some great ideas to do in your home practice book in the weekend.

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