Forms and Letters

All letters and forms will be sent home on Fridays in the student communication folders.  Please ensure these are returned  signed and any monies safely stored inside.  Most of the first round of forms have been received, so thank you for returning them right away.

Some J.K. families have been given an extra copy of the Developmental Assessment form that was issued during registration.  This document is required for your child’s Ontario Student Records (O.S.R.), so please fill it out carefully and return this to class.

Last week, a walking trip form was sent home, for families to sign.  This allows our class to go on community walks, without having to set a specific date or be worried about bad weather conditions ruining our plans.

This week children also took Scholastic Book orders home for the first time.  These are optional and will be available each month.  There are many great books to choose from at reasonable prices.  Feel free to ask about the selections if you are looking for any recommendations.  Other orders that went home were for monthly magazine subscriptions.   These are optional as well.  Even if you are not interested in them, please mark the “No” box and return them in the folders.

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