Shopping at the store

IMG_2531Students have spent several weeks shopping at our class grocery store. Thank you to everyone who sent in various materials to support the start-up of our new learning centre.  There were several roles children played at this drama centre; customer/shopper, cashier, stock clerk and even a taxi driver, to take you home after shopping.  IMG_2628The latter is evidence of how some students drive the learning, by applying what they know from personal experience and use this to enhance a learning centre and make their own creations. 

IMG_2529Dramatic play helps students develop social skills, oral language and gets them to roll-play life skills. Our children also developed literacy skills as they made signs and labels for the store and read flyers for sale items. Students got to use math skills as they did planning and sorting in the store to keep it organized. They also strengthened numeral recognition as they priced store items and created and used money to pay for their purchases. 

IMG_2524Literacy supports through songs such as The Corner Grocery Store and The Kangaroo enabled students to develop vocabulary as we discussed various kinds of stores and what people could purchase at each one.  IMG_2624The kangaroo in our song often ventured to more than just the grocery store.  He also shopped at the toy store, the home repair store and more recently the jewellery store.

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