Room 102’s Bakery and Cake Decorating Class

While brainstorming ideas for our Party Centre, students felt IMG_2235we should have cakes for birthdays.  They looked to books obtained from the public library for inspiration when designing cakes and cookies they might create to enhance their dramatic play. 

IMG_2210Some designs were quite detailed and we set about planning, building, painting and decorating our designs these last two weeks. 


As it turns out, we have enough cakes and cookies to start our own bake shop, so perhaps we will further extend our dramatic play centre to include a bakery. 

This whole process, gave students an opportunity to direct theirIMG_2231 own learning, plan their own activities, make creative choices, problem-solve and share their ideas from conception to completion. 

A play-based Kindergarten program, offers an opportunity for students to develop life skills, that we hope they will carry on into their future lives.  IMG_2219We want them to become free thinkers, make good choices, explore creative outlets that may inspire their futures.  Where one might see play, painting and gluing – teachers see pastry chefs, cake designers, cake decorators or bakery owners.

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