The Importance of Living Things

In the last few weeks, as we wrap up and review our “Big Idea” about living things, we will be considering why living things are important.  We narrowed our focus last week to consider the importance of trees, to us, to animals, to the planet.  During these discussions we considered the importance of trees and some other plants for food, for clothing and for making things we use in our daily lives (houses, furniture, toys, clothing).  We even felt a sweatshirt made from bamboo! 

Some books we read last week included: Picture a Tree by Barbara Reid, A Tree is Nice by Janice Udry and finally Stuck by Oliver Jeffers.  The latter was about a tree, and not necessarily on topic, but truly for the pure pleasure of reading another funny book by a favourite author.

Please continue these discussions at home, examining the many items children use, see, and need in their daily lives, that come from living things.

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